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We are busy producing small videos to show you how easy it is to maintain your website yourself. We are going to post this on YouTube to make the information available 24/7. This is our first video and it just shows you how to edit the content on your website. Even tough it is very eas,y alsways keep in mind that 'delete' means exactly that :-)



Keywords to your website

To get Keywords to your website is one of the most important things you need to do. You can achieve this by constantly adding new articles to your site. But the same importance goes to the so called "meta tags". These values are not for the human eye in the first place but they are very important if you want to tell a search engine something about a particular page on your website. First comes the "title tag". This is what you can see in your web browsers top-line or tab. It should contain a few keywords but shouldnt be just a list of them. The keywords you can enter into the keyword tag. This one is not much being used by search engines anymore (Google doesn't read them at all) but you still don't know what search engine a visitor uses. So fill them in and you are done with this one. Next is the "meta description". This one should be a short description of the actual page and, of course like that title tag as well, different on all pages. meta-tags The description is wat you can see in the Google result pages right under the address line. Even if this is not the biggest factor when it comes to search engine optimisation, it can be used to catch a searchers eye. If you check on Google the keywords found in the decription are highlighted! So if you have a few keywords in the description, good! But here you shouldn't use just a list of keywords as well, the text should be made for humans and not for machines. If you don't know what to type here, leave it free. Google will check your website and use a "snippet' of text for this place. With a content management system like we use it for all our websites, you can enter all of the above without knowing anyithing about programming...

Today it is more important than ever to have a responsive web design. But what does that it actually mean. Today the internet is being browsed by noumerous devices and all of them have different screen sizes and resolutions. Of course you can browse any website on these devices but mostly you need to scroll into it, and then it becomes difficult to read the text because it doesn't fit on the screen anymore. With latest technologies it is possible for a website to react to the visitors screen resolution. It really doesn't matter anymore if you display a website on a 27 inch monitor or on a small smartphone screen. The website will, with decreasing resolution, rearrange itself but the text and most of the images can still be seen without horizotal scrolling. This technology is standard in the latest Joomla version (which is Joomla 3, and will be released soon) and we are able to build your unique design for it. This brings your corporate design to a very dynamic and up to date website at an affordable price.

Maintanining your websites content is a full time job if you want to do it right. There is not only the blog or news section on your websites wich needs to being kept up to date, there also is Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. With a Content Management System like we use for our websites, you can easily log into your site and manage your content by yourself. The problme we face the most with this is.... you still don't have time to do so.Imagine a place where you can drop all your info and images and it puts nice keywords in and publish everything on your website and on your socila media channels. This place is us!


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